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Smokies Cuban Cafe

No frills, just delicious food

We’re not going to lie. When our realtor, Jared, first told us that there was a delicious Cuban restaurant that we just had to try, we were a bit skeptical. Truth be told, Cuban food isn’t something you’re likely to be exposed to in our home state of Michigan. We have learned to trust our realtor, because he hasn’t lead us wrong yet. Not to mention, he looks a lot like a younger Nicholas Cage and who wouldn’t trust someone who looks like a young Nick Cage?

Smokies Cuban Cafe is a very small restaurant located in a strip mall (right by our cabins in Brookstone Village – Bigfoot Crossing, Sasquatch Ridge and Hoedown Hideaway). When you walk in, don’t let the small space and simple decor fool you, this is a place you need to try!

We are obsessed with the Cuban Sandwich and Stuffed Potatoes. The Cuban Sandwich is huge and one is enough to feed both of us when we each order a stuffed potato to eat with it.

What is a stuffed potato, you ask (or at least you may be asking if you are from a Northern state that is sadly deprived of Cuban food options)? It’s seasoned beef surrounded by mashed potatoes and then deep fried. In other words, it’s a ball of savory happiness.

Perhaps you are skeptical about taking advice about Cuban food from Northerners who are admittedly lacking in Cuban food knowledge. Who could blame you? We made some friends who also own cabins in Pigeon Forge. They live in Florida but originally are from Cuba. They also recommend this restaurant to others for authentic Cuban food.

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Smokies Cuban Cafe - Cuban Sandwich

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