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Parrot Mountain

Who knew interacting with birds could be so much fun!

We finally visited Parrot Mountain on Easter weekend 2019, 9 years after we began vacationing regularly in the Smokies. We asked ourselves afterwards, why in the world did we wait so long? It ended up being everybody’s favorite thing we did on that trip!

When you go to Parrot Mountain, you will get to interact with many different kinds of birds. Some will be in cages and will come by to see you (some will greet you by talking to you). The friendlier birds will be out where you can buy seed and feed them out of your hands. One particularly friendly bird, George, was placed in my daughter’s arms by a worker and she was able to snuggle with him for a long time.

There’s another area with a lory aviary. There, you can purchase nectar and enter an area with the lories, which are a type of bird similar to a small parrot. They’ll all come flying to land on you and eat the nectar out of your cup!

There’s also a nursery with baby birds that you can pet. Some birds are available for sale in that area.

In addition to the birds, there are lovely gardens to explore at Parrot Mountain. All together, it’s just a lovely place!

You do not have to plan meals around your trip to Parrot Mountain. There’s a cafeteria on-site.

We highly recommend a visit to Parrot Mountain! It would be great for all ages!

Our family at Parrot Mountain

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