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Cuzzin Eddie’s Toors

Entirely too much fun!

During one of our family trips, the kids came running out to tell us that there was a “weird bus or something” outside our cabin. We went out to investigate. That was our first glimpse of the Cuzzin Eddie’s bus and we knew we had to do it.

We booked a Dine and Shine Toor from Cuzzin Eddie’s Toors to celebrate my husband, Steve’s, 50th birthday.  Our group consisted entirely of adults. To make it more fun, our group decided to embrace the Hillbilly Toor and dress up for the occasion. We were told that we were the first group to have everybody dress up, so that is definitely not a requirement – but it does add to the fun!

CJ (who also works as a Dolly Parton impersonator) and Jack (who looks exactly like Jack Nicholson) came to pick us up at the cabin (a minimum group size is required for cabin pickup / dropoff). The Cuzzin Eddie’s bus is nothing short of a masterpiece in itself, decked out to look like a hillbilly bus. Everybody was so excited to see it pulling up, blasting some appropriate music to greet us!

We visited multiple distilleries and places for sampling food. We got special access to tour the distilleries and learn how their moonshine and other products are made.

What really made this trip spectacular was CJ and Jack. While we were going from place to place, we learned about the area (even some things that we didn’t know), had trivia questions with appropriate prizes, and of course, sung and clapped to some old country favorites like Mountain Music, Rocky Top, and other fun songs while waving out the windows to everybody who was looking around, trying to figure out who was having all the fun!

CJ and Jack are personable and hilarious. We were with a group that has visited Pigeon Forge many times and everybody agreed that our 6-hour tour with Cuzzin Eddie’s would go down in history as the most fun we’ve had in Pigeon Forge!

Cuzzin Eddie’s offers many different tours, some are geared towards adults and some are family-friendly. The length and prices of the tours vary.  The maximum people the bus can hold is 14.

Cuzzin Eddie's Toors