Three Wizards Theater TV

The Theater TV has these features:

1. Smart TV where you can log in to your own streaming apps like Netflix. Please make sure to log out of your personal accounts before checking out.
2. PS5 with preloaded games
3. Cable TV through DirectTV streaming app. Please do not log out of our DirectTV account.
4. Movies through VUDU app (including all the Harry Potter movies)! Please do not log out of our VUDU account.

Sound Bar – use the JBL remote to turn on/off the sound bar.

PS5 instructions

  • Log in as a guest to play our games or sign in with your own account if you have one. We have a few games including Spiderman 2 and Hogwarts Legacy. DO NOT DELETE OUR GAMES!
  • You can use the PS5 to play a DVD / Blu-ray movie if you brought one with you.
  • There is a spare HDMI cord if you want to hook up a different game system. Just plug it in.

DIRECTV Channel Lineup. We have the choice package.

We have purchased all the Harry Potter movies so that you can watch them at any time. Visit the VUDU app to find the movies. Please do not log our account off of VUDU.

Theater TV Remove Guide

Theater TV Manual