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Three Wizards Scavenger Hunt

Find items at Three Wizards and The Forgotten Forest! There’s multiple ways to play – you choose!

  •  Choose whether you want to play as individuals or teams.
  • Choose your format
    • Printable – You will need to print one copy per person or team before you arrive (there is no printer at Three Wizards)
    • Online – You will need to download the Actionbound app on one device per person or team.
  • Decide how you want to play
    • By recording answers on sheet or app
    • Photo scavenger hunt – take photos in front of each item. Have fun with your poses!
  • Decide how you want to score:
    • Easy – one point per correct item 
    • Quidditch scoring
      • 10 points per correct item
      • 150 points to the team or individual voted to have the best photos
  • Optionally – award a prize to the winner(s). Ideas:
    • winner(s) pick dessert
    • losers make breakfast for the winners

Tips to add to the fun!

  • If you play the photo version and you’re tech-savvy – end your game by meeting in the theater room. Cast your devices to the theater room TV to show everybody else your fun photos. Note: each phone / tablet, etc. will work differently on how to cast it. We at Bigfoot Cabins won’t be able to direct you on how to do this. If you want to know how to cast your device to a smart TV, Youtube can be a great source.
  • Share! We’d love to see the fun! Tag us on social media! @threewizardstn #threewizardstn (note: we only see photos set to public) 


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