Douglas Lake Pontoon

Douglas Lake

One of our favorite things to do when the weather is warm is to rent a pontoon boat (or a few) and spend the day out on Douglas Lake.

Douglas Lake is a large lake with about 550 miles of shoreline, surrounded by gorgeous mountains.  Our family spends a day on Douglas Lake every August, exploring the lake and swimming. In August, the water feels like bath water, it’s very warm!

There are multiple places to rent boats, but we have personally always rented from the marina at Mountain Harbor Inn in Dandridge. Click here for information about boat rentals.

What we bring for a perfect day on the water:

  • Cooler
  • Pool noodles. The water has a bit of a current. The noodles help keep you from getting tired if you drift from the boat. Pool noodles are available in many area stores.
  • Picnic lunch. Our friends and family like to get subs from Publix or Subway to bring with us.
  • Sunscreen. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Beach towels.
Distance From Miles
Forgotten Forest (coming soon) 4
Eagles Ridge North (The Bigfoot Lodge & Yeti’s Retreat) 20
Brookstone Village (Bigfoot Crossing, Hoedown Hideaway and Southern Comfort) 20


Douglas Lake is a man-made lake, controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Douglas Dam controls the lake levels. The lake is kept at the highest capacity in the summer months and drained down off-season for use in generating power.

Douglas Lake Map
Douglas Lake Map